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BIGMAN World Championships

BIGMAN is a combination of terrain triathlon and long distance triathlon in two following day


"BIGMAN is a challenge that makes you touch bottom of your psychological and physical strength so that you can experience unrepeatable feeling of happiness from surpassing yourself."

project author





Mgr. Roman Jaroš



 BIGMAN World Championships
10. year of international race Czech BIGMAN


8.7.2016  terrain triathlon
9.7.2016  Czech Long Distance Triathlon



Stanislav Fresl


presentation:               SK Čechoslovan Chuchle
transition area, start:   SK Čechoslovan Chuchle
address:                     SK Čechoslovan Chuchle
                                  Strakonická 418 
                       159 00 Praha - Velká Chuchle

                                  Czech republic



  • competitors send their application to organiser – R TEAM – directly not through national federation !!!

  • no qualification criteria are determined

  • upright term up to 20.6. 2016

  • application is valid after bank transfer to account number:  IBAN CZ32 0800 0000 00 18 3270 6203; BIC (swift code) GIBACZPX (all bank charges paid by the client; the day payment is decisive)



180 €

Exclusive registration till 14.2. 2016

When you sign up for the race till 14. 2. 2016, including payment of starting fee, you will have to pay the full amount, of which 50% will be refunded to you after you successfully finish the race - personal price

Personal price - rewarded to all competitors, for all their efforts by being part of an active nation.

Registration from 15. 2. 2016 to 20. 6. 2016

Registration in this period will be charged in full amount.




Terrain triathlon

  • Swimming - 1 km in Vltava river
    light stream of the river, average temperature in last 6 years is 18,61 °C (measured at 7 a. m.)
  • Bike - 25 km terrain cycling in Chuchelský háj
    (3 laps), asphalt and forest ways
  • Running - 5 km along Vltava river (1 laps) course surface - asphalt, path along the river, course is practically flat

LD triathlon

  • Swimming – 3,8 km in Vltava river
    light stream of the river, average temperature in last 6 years is 18,61 °C (measured at 7 a. m.)
  • Cycling - 180 km on totaly closed motor highway Strakonická (9 laps), surface of high quality, smooth asphalt, each lap is 20 km (10 km back and 10 km forth) - 6 km of a lap is almost flat and 4 km is upgrade - turn - on the same road back, altitude from start to turn is 165 m
  • Running – 42,2 km along Vltava river and Barrand´s rocks to ČVUT shipyard 5 laps), course surface - asphalt, path along the river, course is practically flat

male and female categories in accordance to age categories


  • championships medals
  • diamonds - for three the best in total rank in men and women category
  • every competitor who finishes the race BIGMAN (terrain + long triathlon) in time limit of 21.00 hours wins a golden pendant with personal number of winning BIGMAN title. The pendant is possible to gain for the first successful finish only.

to finish both sport disciplines in the two subsequent days in compliance with the respective rules for each sport event:
1. day – Terrain Triathlon
2. day – LD Triathlon

Total rank in the BIGMAN race (terrain + long distance triathlon) is given by the sum of final time in terrain triathlon + long distance triathlon


  • competitors take a part at their own risk

  • terrain triahlon and long distance triathlon is held in accordance to „ITU Competition Rules“

  • cycling helmet is obligatory for cycling part

  • drafting is forbidden

  • competitors are bound to adhere traffic regulations, instructions of policemen and organizers

  • time limit for the race is 21.00 hours

  • All prize money and personal prices will be paid in cash after the final award ceremony, decoration of the most successful competitors, only.
  • competitor who doesn’t cover the course in prescribed time limits will be disqualified




  • terrain triathlon - after the race in finish area
  • LD triathlon - after every finished lap except swimming part

8.7.2016 at 14.00
9.7.2016 at 7.00



21.00 hours
(Terrain Triathlon 4:00 hrs., LD Triathlon 17:00 hrs)


8.7.2016 at 18.00       terrain triathlon
9.7.2016 at 24.00       LD triathlon